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Patients and donors are at the heart of everything we do.  Your stories are a powerful testament to human strength, courage, vulnerability, and hope.

Your stories inspire others and bring awareness to the lifesaving work undertaken by the highly skilled personnel onboard the Westpac Air Ambulance, who are saving lives every day.

If you have experienced our service, or if your loved one has, we’d love for you to share it with us. Click here to share your story.

Donna's Story
“We are so very grateful to Dr Kerr, the Philips Search & Rescue Trust’s Westpac Air Ambulance and hospital medical teams,” said Hez. “Donna is a total success story.
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Arthur's Story
A life on crutches is a constant physical reminder for Arthur Garrod, whose accident required the urgent assistance of the air ambulance.
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Tony's Story
“The pilots and medical teams are truly the unsung heroes of society, doing extraordinary work. ”Tony was driving a self-loading bin truck in a forestry block, cleaning up the last load of the day.
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