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Patients and donors are at the heart of everything we do.  Your stories are a powerful testament to human strength, courage, vulnerability, and hope.

Your stories inspire others and bring awareness to the lifesaving work undertaken by the highly skilled personnel onboard the Aerocool Rescue Helicopter, who are saving lives every day.

If you have experienced our service or held a fundraising event or activity for your rescue helicopter, we’d love for you to share it with us. Click here to share your story.

Rescue Helicopter Crew Rescues Tramper After Accident thanks to you
On a winter Sunday in early July, Heather from Tauranga embarked on a tramping adventure with her local tramping group. Their destination was Cashmores Clearing, following the Wharawhara River from the Wharawhara Rd end.
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Alex has seen firsthand the life-saving work you make possible, and he’s determined to do his bit
While Alex has been on adventurous pursuits like trail running, watersports and sailing… he’s seen times when the lives of his colleagues, friends and family have depended on the services of a rescue helicopter.
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Alicia got the time-critical flight she needed thanks to you!
It was a grey rainy day in October 2022, when Alicia found herself in a terrifying situation at the Tepapa intersection between the Thermal Explorer Highway and State Highway 28, not far from her home…
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Donate to Dine event helps fund hangar refresh for crew
For one local family, fundraising to give back to the Aerocool Rescue Helicopter that helped them and so many others has been a journey of turning their gratitude into generosity.
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Greg thanks you for his time-critical flight
For Greg, farming in the beautiful, remote hills near Whakatane is the best place to be for someone who loves the outdoor life.
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Thank you For Helping Save Paul's Life
For Paul, meeting the crew that flew him on the day of his accident was an important part of his healing process.
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Paul's Story
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Everyday People, Extraordinary Outcomes
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Ciara's Story
TECT helping tect rescue helicopter save lives
TECT helping the TECT Rescue Helicopter save lives
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Wherever you play, accidents can happen