Ashton’s Birthday Party Fundraiser 


Ashton and his mum Sarah wanted to do something special for Ashton’s 5th birthday party – so they planned a no-presents party and instead asked guests to donate to the rescue helicopter.  

“The last of my baby’s turned five so we thought we’d go out with a bang!” says Sarah. 

“Ashton had a wonderful pool party with all his friends. It was a great mash-up theme of the rescue helicopter and dinosaurs. 

We had 25 kids with bellies full of kai, and most likely pool water, thankfully not at the same time!”  Sarah says of the successful day. 

Sarah works at the hospital and hears the rescue helicopter taking off and landing several times a day, and her husband is a keen hunter, so they are both very aware of the vital service the rescue helicopter provides to their community. 

“I do hope that this will inspire other people to support worthy causes like the rescue helicopter.  I hope by sharing what Ashton and I achieved gives people the idea to use their birthdays or other celebrations as an opportunity to support their community too!” says Sarah. 

Thanks to his family and friends, Ashton raised an incredible $220 to help the rescue helicopter save lives in the region.  Thank you, Ashton!! We think you are amazing. 

We rely on amazing supporters like Ashton and Sarah to raise money to help us undertake life-saving missions. If you would like to fundraise for your rescue helicopter, we’d love to help you! Please get in touch at [email protected] or call 0800 11 10 10.