Colyton Bunnythorpe Lions Club funds essential piece of equipment


Thanks to funding from the Lions Club of Colyton Bunnythorpe the Grassroots Trust Rescue Helicopter now has a new vacuum mattress onboard.

This essential piece of equipment is used when a patient is suspected of having suffered a spinal injury. 

Patients with spinal injuries can very quickly develop pressure sores when laying for 20 minutes or more, due to having no feeling in their extremities. 

The vacuum mattress stops these pressure sores from developing, provides support to the injury, and effectively immobilises the patient so no further injury can be caused while en route to specialist care. 

This equipment is used regularly on board your rescue helicopter and will make a difference in patients' outcomes.  We are so grateful to the Lions Club of Colyton Bunnythorpe for helping us achieve the purchase of this essential piece of equipment.