You helped rescue Jess after a terrifying accident


Your caring support to Jess - in a moment of excruciating pain - is something she’ll never forget.

As a keen horse rider, Jess adores galloping around Kiwitea with her riding group.

But one Saturday, as they were out riding, something went terribly wrong…

You see, her much-loved horse that Jess was riding had a heart attack. It lurched sideways and plunged both horse and rider straight off the hillside - a horrifying 4 metre drop.

Thankfully Jess landed in a sheep track, shielding her from the falling horse – which probably saved her life.

However, along with lots of scrapes and bruises, Jess had sustained a closed high femur fracture… leaving her in excruciating agony in a remote location, and in urgent need of help.

Thankfully, because of you, your Grassroots Trust Rescue Helicopter crew were only a short flight away.

Your support sped them on their way, and as soon as they landed in a nearby paddock, your crew expertly provided intensive hospital-level care right there at the scene.

Your crew worked fast to keep Jess calm and reassured during her harrowing ordeal - and administered effective pain relief, including the renowned and comforting ‘green whistle’.

This was instrumental in stabilising Jess and ensured her comfort during the quick flight to Palmerston North Hospital.

Wonderfully, Jess got to meet and thank the crew who played such a pivotal role in her rescue, at the hangar Open Day. This was a heartwarming moment of gratitude, and it highlights the profound impact you’re making to people in your community.

It is your support that enables your rescue helicopter crew to fly at a moment’s notice, and save lives.

On behalf of Jess and our entire team, thank you so much for your generosity. You really are making a difference to people in your community!