Flo2Cash Direct Debit Terms and Conditions

I authorise my bank to debit my account with the amounts of direct debits from Philips Search and Rescue Trust (a registered charity in New Zealand with charity number CC26698) (herein referred to as the Initiator), with the authorisation code 3800239, until further notice.

  • I agree that the authority is subject to:
    the bank’s terms and conditions that relate to my account,
  • and the specific terms and conditions listed below.


Specific Terms & Conditions for this Direct Debit Authority.

  1. I may ask my bank to reverse a direct debit up to 120 calendar days after the debit if:
  • I do not receive a written notice of the amount and date of each direct debit from the Initiator, or
  • I receive a written notice but the amount or the date of debiting is different from the amount or the date specified on the notice.


  1. The Initiator is required to give me a written notice of the amount and date of each direct debit no less than two calendar days before the date of the debit.
  2. If the bank dishonours a direct debit but the Initiator sends the direct debit a second time within 5 business days of the original direct debit, the Initiator is not required to notify me a second time of the amount and date of the direct debit.
  3. Flo2Cash Limited (“Flo2Cash”) acts as a payment processing agent for the Initiator and has no express or implied liability in relation to the goods and services provided by the Initiator or the terms and conditions of any agreement that I/we have with the Initiator. 
  4. Flo2Cash is not responsible for any fees that may be charged to me/us by either the Initiator or the bank.