Your support makes a difference, and it certain did for Brook last October.


Living in Taupo, business owner Brook Slingsby was working at his engineering premisses when he was in serious need of help. 

“I was struck in the head by the hook and boom of a "hook lift truck" that was in free fall because of a failure within the hydraulic system.” 

“I needed the rescue helicopter urgently; I was unconscious and seriously injured from the accident.  Thankfully there were several people nearby and one of my staff members called emergency services.” 

In a serious condition, Brook still unconscious at the time, can only imagine the great sense of relief at the sound of the helicopter coming in for his staff members and people around him. “I know my wife and family were very relieved to hear I was being flown to hospital by the rescue helicopter!” 

“The Greenlea Rescue Helicopter team provided me with amazing injury response care and a very quick 20-minute flight to Waikato Hospital for surgery. 

Brook’s extensive injuries resulted in several fractured and broken vertebrae in his back and neck, a badly fractured scapular, punctured lungs, broken/ fractured ribs, dislocated sternum, and a severe brain injury, due to receiving a depressed skull fracture.  

For Brook the recovery has been long but is going really well.  “It took a fair few days for me to understand the gravity of the situation and how serious the whole ordeal was!” 

“I remember feeling super thankful not to hurt worse than I was and ultimately to even be alive!” 

“Many thanks to the Greenlea Rescue Helicopter team! I feel very lucky for being rescued and flown by them to Waikato Hospital for treatment. You guys provide an amazing service that we should all be very grateful for.” 

Brook is now in a return-to-work program and his therapists and doctors are very happy with the progress he has made. 

Your rescue Crew know that each and every one of the patients they rescue, have families and loved ones, just like them, who are waiting for them to come home.   

For Brook, experiencing the accident has changed his life.  Having two young kids, Mckenzie (5) and Rocco (2), he is very grateful to be alive to see them reach milestones like special birthdays and his daughter’s first day of school.  

“The Greenlea Rescue Helicopter was a huge factor, resulting in my survival of the accident which I am forever grateful for. I guess you don't realise actually how incredible your services are, until yourself or a family member is in need of a rescue helicopter.”