Hamish had the life-saving flight he needed, thanks to you


When a motorbike ride on his parent’s farm took a turn for the worst, Hamish Shearer was grateful the Greenlea Rescue Helicopter was there when he needed it the most.

While out riding Hamish rode over a two-metre ditch in an otherwise flat paddock and hit the ground hard. “There was no damage to the bike, he says wryly, “just me!”

His mother, worried that she hadn’t heard from him for a while, set out looking for him, only to find him sprawled out on the ground. She quickly called 111, who GPS tracked them. They established that it wouldn’t be possible to get an ambulance to Hamish’s location and so the Greenlea Rescue Helicopter was dispatched.

After a quick flight, Hamish arrived at Rotorua Hospital where he was found to have a collapsed lung, a ruptured spleen, and 30% blood loss. His spleen was surgically removed, and surgeons worked to repair his compromised arteries.

Hamish, having healed from his injuries, was so grateful to the Greenlea Rescue Helicopter team that he decided to take on the Rotorua Marathon to raise funds for the rescue helicopter. He was proud to cross the line in just 3 hours.

“The main motivator for raising funds for the Greenlea Rescue Helicopter is this isn’t the first time they’ve come to the rescue,” says Hamish, referring to his brother’s rescue in 2010 after a vehicle accident.

"My family owes them a bit. This is the little I can do to give back." - HAMISH SHEARER