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Patients and donors are at the heart of everything we do.  Your stories are a powerful testament to human strength, courage, vulnerability, and hope.

Your stories inspire others and bring awareness to the lifesaving work undertaken by the highly skilled personnel onboard the TECT Rescue Helicopter, who are saving lives every day.

If you have experienced our service or held a fundraising event or activity for your rescue helicopter, we’d love for you to share it with us. Click here to share your story.

Your generosity aided a swift response for Chelsea
A passionate motocross rider, 16 year old Chelsea Trueman struck trouble while competing at an event in Awakaponga.
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Belinda received life saving treatment because of you
A week prior to a major health scare, Belinda Walker experienced some warning signs that trouble was on the horizon; a blood nose and flashing lights in her vision.
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Your donation enabled Asante’s life-saving flight
Asante Conley was only five years old when he was pre-diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia on New Year’s Eve 2015.
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You were there when Laura needed it the most
As she flew off her mountain bike, down a bank and onto the floor of the Whakarewarewa Forest below, Laura sensed this was no ordinary fall.
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Alistair owes you his life
When Alistair Blennerhasset felt a strange sensation in his chest, he immediately called an ambulance. But Alistair wasn’t having a heart attack.
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Bull versus motorbike
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Everyday People, Extraordinary Outcomes
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Ciara's Story
TECT helping tect rescue helicopter save lives
TECT helping the TECT Rescue Helicopter save lives
Wherever play accidents video
Wherever you play, accidents can happen