Thank you, Waikino School


While on a recent mission, quick-thinking Crewman Bill held an impromptu Q&A session with the kids from Waikino School. 

Thinking on his feet is something Bill is very used to doing, and in May 2022, this is exactly what the situation required.  

“We were tasked to a job where a patient was in critical condition, and we needed to get them to hospital quickly.  The closest location for us to land near the patient was on the Waikino School sports field,” explains Bill. 

Landing at the small idyllic school near Waihi during school hours, Bill was very aware that the scene about to unfold was not suitable for young eyes. Leaving the rest of the crew to handle the patient, Bill stepped into the classroom and greeted the excited children, distracting them from what was happening outside. 

The kids, completely in awe of Bill, had plenty of questions about the rescue helicopter and the roles of the crew.  Bill left them feeling safe and assured, and the patient was safely transported to the urgent care that was needed.  

“What an amazing group of students, the manners and politeness that was displayed is a credit to the teachers and staff, instilling awesome values and life skills into their young people.  We’re so grateful for their support” says Bill of the experience. 

Feeling inspired by the unexpected visit, Waikino School students decided to hold a mufti day to raise funds for their rescue helicopter and were excited to raise $135 to help their crew save lives. 

We rely on amazing groups like Waikino School to help us save lives in your community. If you or your school would like to fundraise for your rescue helicopter, we’d love to help you! Please get in touch at [email protected] or call 0800 11 10 10.