Thank you For Helping Save Paul's Life


For Paul, meeting the crew that flew him on the day of his accident was an important part of his healing process.

You might remember Paul from a story in your Autumn Supporter Impact Report. He was seriously injured when a huge clamp came down on his legs, crushing his knees.

Your rescue helicopter crew, including Critical Care Flight Paramedic Felicity (Flick), were tasked to the mission and quickly arrived at Paul’s side.

Flick knew that Paul’s injuries were extensive, and he needed blood urgently, so your rescue helicopter flew him to Tauranga Hospital for vital treatment. The massive crush injuries resulted in Paul’s right leg being amputated, above the knee.

We recently welcomed Paul and his family to the TECT Rescue Helicopter base, to meet Felicity and the rest of the crew. “Dad owes his life to Flick, Todd and the crewman on board the rescue helicopter that day,” said Charlotte, Paul’s daughter.

“Being able to thank Flick and have a more in-depth discussion around what she recalled from the day of Dad’s accident was such a gift” - Charlotte

Paul and his family are huge supporters of their rescue helicopter. Since Paul’s accident, Charlotte has been busy fundraising to help your rescue helicopter save more lives. So far this year she has run fundraising auctions, baked morning teams and held an American low’n’slow dinner party, raising more than $2,000 for the rescue helicopter.

Charlotte says “to be able to use my skills to fundraise for the rescue helicopter gives a real sense of pride, gratitude, and purpose. Giving back to the crew that saved Dad’s life gives me great joy; to see others enjoy the things I’ve made while raising money... that’s a great feeling.”

With your support, we were able to be there for Paul when he needed us most. Thank you!

Watch the video below to see the story of Paul's Rescue: