Rescue Helicopter Crew Rescues Tramper After Accident thanks to you


On a winter Sunday in early July, Heather from Tauranga embarked on a tramping adventure with her local tramping group. Their destination was Cashmores Clearing, following the Wharawhara River from the Wharawhara Rd end.  

Unfortunately for Heather an unexpected incident occurred during the hike that day.  

Leading the group, and crossing various streams, Heather came across a slippery section underfoot while crossing a small river.  

“Instinctively, I reached out with my hiking pole to maintain my balance, but in doing so, I managed to dislocate my left shoulder. Despite the excruciating pain, I managed to make it to the riverbank and climbed out of the water” says Heather. 

Realising the severity of the situation the hiking group now faced, one of the group members retrieved Heather’s Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) and activated it. Your Aerocool Rescue Helicopter was dispatched. 

Unfortunately, being deep within the bush meant that the group had no phone reception, making it challenging for the rescue helicopter to locate them. Heather and her tramping companions could hear it hovering above, but there was no suitable landing spot nearby. 

Undeterred, a quick-thinking member of the group grabbed an orange plastic bag and positioned themselves in the middle of the river. This improvised signal caught the attention of the rescue helicopter team.  Critical Care Flight Paramedic (CCFP) Tony was then skilfully winched down to their location, navigating upstream to reach the group. 

“Once CCFP Tony got to me, I was carefully examined, and he provided me with immediate pain relief. With the guidance of the rescue chopper crew and the support of my group members, I was moved to a suitable area where the rescue helicopter could successfully winch me and CCFP Tony up to the helicopter.” Heather says. 

The Aerocool Rescue Helicopter swiftly transported Heather to Tauranga Hospital, in (xx) minutes where her injury was confirmed through an X-ray, and her dislocated shoulder was promptly put back in place. 

Regular supporter Heather, is incredibly grateful to the entire rescue helicopter team for their exceptional care during her rescue mission.  

“Without their dedication and the remarkable service they provide, I cannot fathom what it would have been like if I had to endure the arduous journey out of the remote location on foot.” says a very grateful Heather.