Rescued after a terrible mountain bike accident – thanks to you!


Jonty and his wife were cycling down the gorgeous Te Poaka trail in the Redwood Forest, when things took a nasty turn…

Jonty told us, “I got to about halfway down the trail when I lost control of my bike, crashing directly into a tree.

“In an instant, I knew I needed help.”

Jonty’s wife immediately dialled 111 – and your Aerocool Rescue Helicopter was dispatched to airlift Jonty to safety.

Rescues like this are only possible because of generous people like you. Thank you for your incredible support.

“I could hear the sound of the rescue helicopter approaching. I remember feeling so relieved hearing that sound. I was in so much pain.”

It was a bit tricky, trying to extract Jonty out from among the redwood trees. But with your help, and through the expert skills of your rescue helicopter crew, Jonty was soon winched up and on his way to hospital.

Jonty is extremely grateful for the rescue flight.

“An ambulance would’ve been excruciatingly painful across the bumpy and off-road tracks. But the rescue helicopter was a smooth ride.”

Not only did Jonty arrive at hospital within minutes, he also arrived with medical treatment for his injuries already underway.

This is the extraordinary, life-saving medical care YOU make possible in the sky – when you give to your Aerocool Rescue Helicopter. And for someone like Jonty, help couldn’t come soon enough.

“I had fractured two lumbar vertebrae, torn AC joints in both shoulders, and suffered multiple contusions and lacerations on my arms, legs, and face. The pain was intense. This life-altering experience has made me appreciate the fragility of life and the importance of reliable emergency services such as the rescue helicopter. I will always be grateful to all those that helped me that day.”

Jonty’s rescue was only possible because of kind and caring people like you. To you, Jonty says: “Thank you... thank you... thank you!”