Your generosity aided a swift response for Chelsea


A passionate motocross rider, 16 year old Chelsea Trueman struck trouble while competing at an event in Awakaponga. After landing a jump, Chelsea hit something on the ground and moving at high-speed she put her leg out to hold herself upright, but the bike’s handlebars slammed down onto her knee.

The pain of a completely dislocated kneecap thankfully blurred much of the experience for Chelsea, however she recalls intense distress as another racer came to her aid and lifted the bike off her.

The event medics straightened Chelsea’s kneecap but worried about the possible lack of blood flow, they made the call that urgent medical attention was required. The Trustpower TECT Rescue Helicopter arrived soon after with an advanced paramedic on board.

Chelsea admits that despite her intense pain, she was a bit nervous about flying. “My nerves must have shown because the kind crewman flying with me reached out and gave me his hand to squeeze,” said Chelsea.

Flown directly to Tauranga Hospital, Chelsea soon learnt that she had torn every ligament in her knee, requiring a complete knee reconstruction and eight days in hospital recovering. Chelsea was instructed to bear no weight on her leg for six months, and was fitted with a knee brace.

Her determination, coupled with the medical care she received, meant she has been able to return to motocross. She acknowledges that the Trustpower TECT Rescue Helicopter’s swift response certainly resulted in a faster recovery.