Phil Rodger’s heart-stopping weekend


A relaxing break turned into a heart-stopping weekend for Phil Rodgers and because of your donations, he has a second chance.

Tuakau residents, Phil and his wife, Raewyn, were collecting firewood on their relative’s property in remote Pongakawa when suddenly, Phil had a heart attack.

The very isolated location meant no cellphone signal leaving Raewyn with no other alternative, but to run almost a kilometre up to the farmhouse, where she raised the alarm.
“If Raewyn hadn’t been with me when it happened this might have been a whole other story.” Phil explained.

With grave concern for Phil’s condition, two ambulances were tasked to the location along with the BayTrust Rescue Helicopter.

The BayTrust Rescue Helicopter flown by Pilot Barry Vincent and crewed by Doug Buchanan with Critical Care Flight Paramedic Steve Brake on board; met the ambulances and flew Phil the rest of the way to Waikato Hospital for an urgent stent operation.

“We are absolutely overwhelmed and praise the land and air rescue services.  They were all concerned about getting me to the most appropriate place for treatment.”

It’s because of your donations Phil’s still around to enjoy more time with his precious family. To read more patient stories go to