Indi's ‘Drive to Survive’ Fundraiser


For 9-year-old Indi, fundraising for her rescue helicopter was personal.  Indi wanted to give back to the service that helped save her dad, Niki, who needed a life-saving flight in the rescue helicopter many years ago after a serious motocross accident. 

As a keen kart racer, Indi wanted to do her version of ‘Drive to Survive’, 100 laps non-stop in her kart at her local track in Tokoroa. 

Indi and her family set up camp at the track. Her mum was on timing and lap countdown, her dad was on kart duty, and her brother Jay helped with her training prior to the event. 

Her family started a Give-A-Little page, and she was hoping to raise $200. A call out to the karting community, friends and family letting them all know about the fundraiser and Indi’s ‘why’, and the donations started coming in. 

Indi’s day went well but did get a bit tricky on lap 60, when some light rain came down. She managed to truck on and at lap 91 completed her fastest lap of the day! 

Lots of friends turned up to cheer her on and even made special cupcakes!  

Indi loved the experience and the feeling of supporting the rescue helicopter that helped her dad. She had loads of fun raising funds for the service and was overwhelmed with the response from her community, raising an awesome $1,890.  Thanks so much, Indi, we think you are awesome.  We love fundraisers like Indi, who help us continue to save lives every day. 

If you would like to fundraise for your rescue helicopter, we’d love to help you!  You can reach our Community Fundraising Coordinator Catherine at [email protected] or call us on 0800 11 10 10.