Arthur is a happy, healthy little boy thanks to you!


There aren’t many mums who can say they have taken their baby on not one, but two, life-saving flights on a rescue helicopter. For Anna, this was the scary reality with her newborn baby, Arthur.

Living an idyllic rural Waikato lifestyle, Arthur was just 7 weeks old when, checking on his son in the night, Kane found Arthur unresponsive and grey.  The terrified father immediately began CPR on his new baby, while Anna called emergency services for help.

Given the couple’s rural location and the urgent nature of their situation, the Waikato Westpac Rescue Helicopter was dispatched.

Able to land near their house, the rescue helicopter Crew and Critical Care Flight Paramedic Rob were soon on hand to take over the situation, stabilising baby Arthur, and then flying both mum and baby to Waikato Hospital in a matter of minutes.

After a night in hospital and multiple checks, Anna and Arthur went home.  12 days later the same thing happened, and the rescue helicopter was dispatched a second time.  Only this time the mission was to transport Anna and Arthur straight through to Auckland’s Starship Hospital.

Once in Starship, Arthur was diagnosed with severe reflux – Arthur's case was particularly bad and overflowing his oesophagus, dangerously blocking his airways.

After 7 months in and out of hospital, multiple medications and tests, Arthur has now had the surgery he needed to tighten his stomach and stop the overflowing happening.

Arthur is still tube fed, but he is now a happy and healthy 18-month-old, and Anna and Kane are hoping to move Arthur on to solid food soon.

“Without the speed of the rescue helicopter and crew in getting Arthur stabilised for flying, and then to the hospital, his outcome could have been quite different,” says Anna of their rescue.

Kane, Anna and Arthur will forever be grateful for the quick response of the rescue helicopter and the skill of the crew.  Your donation makes a lifesaving difference every day.  Thank you!